Darkness falls

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Darkness Falls is a challenging overhaul mod, and considered one of the most popular overhaul mods. It has a story, missions, new zombies, demons, new weapons, multiple weapon, tool and armour tiers, classes, farming which requires water, and food changes. Additional vehicles are provided by bdub’s vehicle mod, there are new forges, many storage and inventory options, and customisable wandering & screamer hordes. The mod is considered the most difficult of the overhaul mods when it comes to challenging monsters, however, much of the challenge is setup behind difficulty levels, so you can customise your level of difficulty by choosing your option.
What is Darkness Falls
Beginners Guide 

Tutorial and deeper how-to information on recommended settings and help on your first week in this challenging mod.


Tips I wish I knew when I first played Darkness Falls.

Farming Guides
Darkness Falls Monsters
Surviving the Wasteland:

Radiation, demons, titanium, plutonium and uranium.

Forging Guide:

Four forges in Darkness Falls. The Forge, Big Forge, Advanced Forge, and the Fusion Forge. All with different features and potential.

Bdubs Vehicle Guide:

Box Truck, Buggy, Charger, Cruiser, Dirt Bike, Duster, GNX, Golf Cart, Humvee, Junker, Marauder, MD-500, Nova, Old Semi, Pickup, Rat Bike, Stallion, UAZ-452, UH-60, and the Work Truck.

Mining guide:

How to discover which rocks to mine and how to discover ore nodes.

Best Armour:

Power Armor has excellent mobility and damage reduction. It also has some more less known abilities.

Military Bunker Guide:

Eve's quest "The Reward" is an AWESOME loot farm of hazmat gear, hazmat fibre, and research notes used in The Future is Now book.

Research Lab Anna’s Quest Guide:

The Research Lab or 'Big Bunker' is the end story POI quest from Anna. You can also obtain the Laser Workbench.

Wellness and Good Food Guide:

Using food, drink, perks and skills you can increase your wellness level. Physical Conditioning, Health Nut and Athletics Action Skill will boost your level.

Interview with Khaine the Dev:

An interview with Khaine, the Darkness Falls developer. What makes him tick?

Screamer Heat in Darkness Falls:

Understanding how weapons increase the chance of screamers.

The Wizard’s Tower Horde Base:

The Wizard's Tower is a blood moon horde base, originally created by Dobbers. It users three sledge turrets and cheap materials. A work of art.

Surviving Extreme Weather:

Dealing with hypothermia, heatstroke, sweltering, freezing, and hot and cold effects in Darkness Falls v4.1

Animal Husbandry Guide:

Breeding Boars, Cows, Sheep and Goats in Darkness Falls v4.1. How to find them and place them. Feeding? Baby bugs? Spawn bugs?

Advanced Tech & Biological Boosts:

How to use Darkness Falls Tech Skills, Biological and Technology boosts, Transhuman, Accelerated Healing, Physical Conditioning and Gotta Go Fast.